Meeting 2414, 21st November 2016

Meeting opened at 7:01 PM

There were 18 of our 27 Members present giving us 66.66667% attendance, not bad for Harvest time.

The single item of correspondence was presented and accepted.

Directors Reports were,

Public Relations – check out Facebook for regular updates.

Service Projects – looking for members to help with the collection at the Temora Carols on the 11th of December.

New Generations – RYPEN (Rotary Youth Programme of ENrichment) this weekend only had three attendee’s. Called for Volunteer’s to make RFYA (Rotary Fine Young Aussie) presentations at the High School.

General Business was discussed and the meeting closed at 9:00 PM

Annual General Meeting 21st November 2016

18 of the 27 members of the Rotary Club of Temora were present, quorum of 9 was therefore covered.

Minutes of the AGM 23rd November 2015 had been electronically circulated to Members by the Secretary with a request to print their own if they required. These were accepted as a True and Accurate record.

The Directors reports as presented at the Club Changeover dinner 2nd July 2016 were likewise electronically circulated were also ratified and accepted.

The Auditors report from Gunn Accounting had been electronically circulated for members to review before the meeting. After minor discussion about the layout it was accepted as a True and Accurate record.

Election of the Executive Officers for 2017/18 followed with single nominations for;

President – Mr Robert Oliver

Secretary – Mr Taz Rundle

Treasurer – Mr Keith Anderson

All nominations were accepted by the Nominees and they were elected to these positions effective 1st July 2017.

Fundraising done by the Rotary Club of Temora is 100% forwarded to the recipients and the entire Club is run from the members subscription only.

Discussion on the Members Dues was had and a motion from Mr Brendon Fritsch and seconded by Mr Arthur Bradley that members consider and this item will be handled at a CLOSED Club Assembly in February 2017, date TBA. This was carried.

The Treasurer moved a motion that Gunns Accounting be appointed as club Auditors for 2016/17, seconded Mr Bronson Beattie and carried.

There being no General Business the meeting was closed after 13 minutes.

Meeting 2413, 14th November 2016

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

There were 19 of our 27 Members in attendance which is 70.37037%

Correspondence was presented and accepted

Directors didn’t have much to report.

Elaine Wallace, Widow of the late Arthur Wallace was in attendance and a hasty Board huddle confirmed a motion from Nigel Judd that Honorary Membership be bestowed upon Elaine.

Our Guest speaker for the night was then introduced and a very interesting and informative presentation was given by Mr Ken Davis, Chairman of TEM-FM our local Community Radio station.

The meeting closed at 8:15 PM

Meeting 2412, 7th November 2016

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

14 of the 27 members were present giving us a 51.8518512% attendance.

Correspondence was presented and accepted and Outward endorsed.

A proposal from Nigel Judd to confer Honorary Membership to Elaine Wallace was roundly supported and will be dealt with post haste by the Board.

Directors reports were given.

Notice was given of the AGM to be held before the General Monday Night meeting on the 21st of November, a notice has been placed in the Independent.

Meeting closed 8:45 PM

Meeting 2410, 17th October 2016

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

18 members present being 66.6666667 % of membership.

Correspondence was presented and accepted.

Club Guest Mr Carl Valerius a sculptor from Harden talked with much gesticulation and gusto on his project of a life size bronze of Bill the Bastard.

Directors reports were given.

A reminder of next weeks meeting to be held at Temora High.

Moo Poo to be held Saturday 5th November.

Beau Greenway from the Temora Independent was recognised for his professionalism and dedication to journalism with a Certificate of Appreciation prior to his sad departure from Temora to further his career.


The meeting closed at 8:40 PM

Foundation Social Event 8th October 2016.

Due to the ridiculous rain events of the last three months this has had to be cancelled and is rescheduled for later in October,,, if it stops raining long enough for the ground to dry somewhat.

It has not been decided if there will be a Dinner meeting on the 10th in it’s stead.

Stay tuned for that information.

26th September Dinner Meeting 2409

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

There were 18 members present together with Catherine Thompson.

Only three items of correspondence were read and accepted.

Directors reports were received.

Instructions were provided for the funeral of PP Arthur Wallace on Wednesday.

On the 25th of July a closed Club Assembly was held with the challenge for members to come back to this meeting with ideas for the direction of the club and project suggestions.

These were now tabled to the meeting and will be discussed in detail at the Board Meeting on the 13th of October.

The meeting closed at 9:00 PM

19th September Dinner Meeting 2408

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

17 Members were in attendance together with Peter James -Honorary and three wives, not his!

Guest speaker was Nancy White, from Whites Shoes.

Correspondence was read and accepted.

A very insightful talk from Mrs White on starting a business so long ago that has prospered and seen many changes to Temora and the business landscape.

Meeting closed at 8:45 PM