Foundation Social Event 8th October 2016.

Due to the ridiculous rain events of the last three months this has had to be cancelled and is rescheduled for later in October,,, if it stops raining long enough for the ground to dry somewhat.

It has not been decided if there will be a Dinner meeting on the 10th in it’s stead.

Stay tuned for that information.

26th September Dinner Meeting 2409

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

There were 18 members present together with Catherine Thompson.

Only three items of correspondence were read and accepted.

Directors reports were received.

Instructions were provided for the funeral of PP Arthur Wallace on Wednesday.

On the 25th of July a closed Club Assembly was held with the challenge for members to come back to this meeting with ideas for the direction of the club and project suggestions.

These were now tabled to the meeting and will be discussed in detail at the Board Meeting on the 13th of October.

The meeting closed at 9:00 PM

19th September Dinner Meeting 2408

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

17 Members were in attendance together with Peter James -Honorary and three wives, not his!

Guest speaker was Nancy White, from Whites Shoes.

Correspondence was read and accepted.

A very insightful talk from Mrs White on starting a business so long ago that has prospered and seen many changes to Temora and the business landscape.

Meeting closed at 8:45 PM

5th September Dinner Meeting 2406

Meeting opened a bit late at 7:10 PM

There were 19 members in attendance with five Wives to listen to our guest tonight, District Governor Michael Milston and partner Ann Dibbs. Also in attendance was Assistant Governor Julie Poplin and her partner Ray.

Absent tonight is the Secretary but Assistant Sec Stephen Cooke has the correspondence that was accepted and endorsed by the meeting.

Directors gave reports.

The meeting closed at 8:45 PM

29th August Dinner Meeting 2405

The Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

The Secretary saved a member who couldn’t remember the tune to which the Rotary Grace is sung.

A Toast to The Queen, Australia and Rotary was given by the Treasurer.

Dinner came out quickly so we ate that before the Secretary provided an in-depth recitation of the weeks communications both inwards and out, all of which was accepted by the members.

Business arising from that correspondence was the motion to accept the offer by the Temora Christian Leaders to assist as usual at the Carols in the Park on December the 11th. This was seconded by the Secretary and carried.

Little else of interest was forthcoming apart from the Service Director reminding individuals of the Spring Garden Raffle duties and Temora Show Day Gate duties.

Guest speaker tonight was Bruce Robinson Patriarch, of a large family run farm with his three son’s and their wives who gave the assembled members an insight to farming of this style.

The meeting wrapped up around 8:20 PM with the singing of the National Anthem.

Rotarian Robert Hartwig                                                                     Bruce Robinson

Robert Hartwig introducing,Bruce Robinson speakingRotary Presentation Pen given

22nd August Dinner Meeting 2404

The Meeting opened at 7:00 PM

There were 13 of the 29 members present giving an attendance of 44.827586%.

There was no Correspondence in or out and in a long winded manner the Secretary said as much.

Upcoming activities were tabled for the members action;

Saturday the17th of September Duty and the Kiosk at T.A.M.

Saturday the 24th of September Gate Duty at the Temora Show.

The Spring Garden Raffle is about to kick off and ticket sellers will be needed. Make your availability known to the Service Projects Director ASAP.

On the matter of raffles, the Rotary card table that was used to sell such things has been pinched, misplaced or lost, a generous donation from Trudi & Mark Gillard saw it replaced.

We called it quits at 8:20 PM

15th August Dinner Meeting

The Meeting Opened at 7:00 PM

Several late withdrawals saw only 17 of the 29 members in attendance which gave us an average of 58.62068965517241%.

The Secretary presented the items of Correspondence, these were approved.

Rotary Foundation Director reminded the Club that November is Foundation Month but also a really bad time for activities for the Farming members so a Foundation B.B.Q. is proposed for October. Details to be provided later.

The Treasurer let the Club know he was taking orders for Baseball Caps and Bucket Hats along with payment. He also gave an explanation of the meal, something a little different, but heck if you weren’t there you won’t know what I’m talking about anyway.

Donations and Goods for the Annual Spring Garden Raffle are now sort.

Rotarians Bradley, Pellow and Retallack all requested leave, for differing lengths of time, which was granted.

Rotarian Malcolm Retallack then provided his Maiden Behind the Badge speech introducing the assembled members to his history, stories and life after which he answered a few questions. A long, interesting and history you have Malcolm, thank you for sharing and joining our Club.

We closed the Meeting at 8:34 PM.

8th August Dinner Meeting.

Opened at 7:00 PM

14 of the 29 members were present giving an average attendance od 48.275862%

The Club Guest tonight is Mr Ian Sherwood who together with Rotarian Nigel Judd will talk on the Ariah Park Wheat Lumper statue.

The Secretary presented the correspondence which was accepted.

There were no Directors reports other than the Wood Raffle had been drawn and the Club had raised over $2400.00 towards assisting residence in Fiji.

General Business;

The Secretary requested leave on the 5th of September which was granted.

Approval sort to start acquiring the items needed to fill the trailer for the Rotary Spring Raffle. Approved.

A flyer was circulated together with an order form for hats.


The meeting closed 8.35 PM

1st August Dinner Meeting

Meeting Opened at 7:00 PM

There were 18 of the 29 members in attendance at an average of 62.6896551724138%

The Club Guest was Michael Reinhold, local Butcher and successful business owner.

Other guests included Mr Keith Pellow Father of a Rotarian.

The Secretary presented correspondence that was approved.

No Directors had anything to report.

General Business;

Our Wood Raffle is selling well.

Can Members purchase Bucket Hats or Baseball Caps with Rotary Logo’s on the with the coming of summer. The Secretary to arrange an order form.


The Meeting closed at 8:25 PM